How It Works

CRIMEWATCH enhances the way Law Enforcement releases information and
the methods for which the press and public receive and share public safety news.


Consistent and authoritative source to relay information to the public and media - cutting out misinformation while saving resources.


Personalized community facing webforms, secure content sharing, integrations with social media and much more. Find out how your community is responding.


Cross-platform content distribution allows for multiple touch points to increase reach and engagement via:
Web, Social, Email, Mobile App and TV.


CRIMEWATCH is a packaged solution to share policy, collect community feedback, and leverage your operational activity to create engagement and truth.

CRIMEWATCH is a platform built for Law Enforcement to drive transparency through the sharing of information and policy to local communities. A packaged solution to leverage your operational activity to meet emerging demands and build two way communication within community.

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Our Product

Setting the stage for Law Enforcement's digital and social media presence

Cut Out The Noise

CRIMEWATCH is one platform designed to disseminate information through multiple channels with one click. CRIMEWATCH is not a social platform or community board; it is THE source for your department to release public safety information.

Digital Services

Ability to provide the citizens you serve with easy and modern access to department services – all while improving department efficiencies. Allow your citizens to submit vacation checks, register cameras, submit online reports, and more.

Receive Intel

Citizens are able to submit tips and intel back to your department without ever having to call or text or email anyone directly. Citizens can simply submit information (anonymously) without ever leaving their social media feed.

Trust & Transparency

With increasing pressure for transparency between law enforcement and the public, our robust digital platform can easily facilitate communication and engage citizens that you serve.

Broadcast Capability

Have an emergency that you need to tell your citizens about quickly? The Broadcast feature allows you to push notifications far and wide, directly to your community members with no hassle.

Subscriber Network

The magic of subscribers. Your local community members and media have the ability to subscribe directly to your portal - allowing for instant alerts and notifications when information is released.

CRIMEWATCH by the Numbers

*As of June 2020

Law Enforcement Agencies 220
Annual Visitors - Network 12
Tips and Intel Received 35
Subscribers Across Network 650

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CRIMEWATCH member agency portals have been deployed across the United States.

To contact a member agency, or to contact CRIMEWATCH Technologies, click the button below.

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