Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort ascending Holding Dept
Ebo, Terrance M - Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer Ebo, Terrance M Criminal March 15, 2019 Carlisle Police Department
Smith, Shani Nicole - Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia Smith, Shani Nicole Bench MJ-10101-CR-0000065-2019 March 14, 2019 Jeannette Police Dept.
Fry, Travis Arthur - Marijuana-Small Amount Personal Use and 2 additional charges Fry, Travis Arthur Bench MJ-10101-CR-0000059-2019 March 14, 2019 Jeannette Police Dept.
Rosario-Sepulveda, Jonathan Luis - possession of a small amount marijuana Rosario-Sepulveda, Jonathan Luis Criminal March 14, 2019 Carlisle Police Department
Coutumas, Christopher M - Theft of Leased Property (F-3) Coutumas, Christopher M Criminal 2019-EC-00004 March 14, 2019
Hicks, John Arthur - Terroristic Threats w/ Intent to Terrorize Another and 2 additional charges Hicks, John Arthur Criminal MJ-10101-CR-0000115-2019 March 13, 2019 Jeannette Police Dept.
Yanez Hernandez, Daniel Alberto - Access Device Fraud and 3 additional charges Yanez Hernandez, Daniel Alberto Criminal MJ-07108-CR-0000085-2019 March 13, 2019 Middletown Township Police Department
BRANDOW, Adam Christopher - Home Improvement Fraud (F2) and 1 additional charge BRANDOW, Adam Christopher Criminal MJ-02205-CR-0000049-2019 March 13, 2019 East Hempfield Twp. PD
TOTH, CHAD A - Fleeing and Eluding TOTH, CHAD A Criminal March 12, 2019 South Centre Township
Wertz, Paul Edward Jr. - Criminal Attempt-Burglary and 2 additional charges Wertz, Paul Edward Jr. Criminal MJ-02306-CR-0000070-2019 March 12, 2019 East Earl Township Police Department
Pierre, Jonas - (3 counts) Bad Checks (M1) Pierre, Jonas Criminal MJ-03209-CR-0000056-2019 March 12, 2019 Palmer Township Police Department
Tavera, Jean Carlos - ((1) count of Possession of Marijuana; Possession Drug Daraphernalia Tavera, Jean Carlos Criminal MJ-07302-CR-0000071-2019 March 12, 2019 Warrington Township Police Department
Daddario, Dominique Marie - PACC 5111 Dealing in Proceeds of Unlawful Activities (F1) and 2 additional charges Daddario, Dominique Marie Criminal MJ-38113-CR-0000072-2019 March 12, 2019 Plymouth Township Police Department
Thomas, Robert Joseph - FLEEING AND ELUDING AND ACT 64 Thomas, Robert Joseph Criminal March 11, 2019 SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP
Gibbons, Anthony Carl - (18) 2701 (a)(1) Simple Assault and 1 additional charge Gibbons, Anthony Carl Criminal MJ-38112-CR-0000127-2019 March 11, 2019 Lower Pottsgrove Police Department
MCDEVITT, AMY LYNN - (18) 3502 (A)(4) Burglary-Not overnight Accom-No person Present MCDEVITT, AMY LYNN Criminal March 11, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE
WHARTON, ARTHUR ROLAND - (18) 3921(A)Theft By Unlawful Taking and 1 additional charge WHARTON, ARTHUR ROLAND Criminal March 11, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE
McConnon, Dylan Matthew - (23) 6114(A) Contempt For Violation Of Order Or Agreement McConnon, Dylan Matthew PFA MJ-38112-MD-0000024-2019 March 11, 2019 Lower Pottsgrove Police Department
MALIK, SAMEER ANWA - 75-3733 (a) Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Officer and 1 additional charge MALIK, SAMEER ANWA Criminal March 11, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE
Pandelios, John Michael - Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Officer (F3); Recklessly Endangering Another Person; Receiving... Pandelios, John Michael Criminal MJ-12304-CR-0000087-2019 March 11, 2019 Derry Township Police Dept