The NEACA Saugerties Gun Show to be held on June 18th-19th, 2022 in Saugerties, NY has been canceled by mutual agreement between the Town and the Promoter. The New EastCoast Arms Collector Associates Gun Show was to be held at  the Kiwanis Ice Arena in Saugerties, NY over the Father’s day weekend however, after meeting with Town of Saugerties Supervisor Fred Costello on Thursday morning, Mr. Petronis agreed to cancel the upcoming show.

 “Taking into consideration the recent events of gun violence, both here in NY, and the tragic event in Texas, to continue with this gun show would have been irresponsible and insensitive to all those who recently lost loved ones, " said David Petronis, President of NEACA, Inc.

Mr. Petronis continued, "Although this recent carnage was perpetrated by what appears to be deraigned individuals who stood behind these weapons and carried out these killings, I agree with Fred and the Chief of Police that this may not be the best of times to hold our NEACA Gun Show in Saugerties, especially while our nation is still healing from these tragic events."

"Also", said Petronis, "I personally have been contacted by various citizens of this fine village of Saugerties about their concerns of holding our Gun Show here on Father’s Day weekend. Even with my very staunch support of our Second Amendment Rights, and knowing we have the right to pursue our contract with the Town to hold our show, at this moment in time I feel cancelling and possibly rescheduling our show to a later time period or other venue, is the right thing to do."

 "I know feelings are intense and near breaking points about these senseless shootings, and I don't want to be the catalyst in bringing any violence to this great little town," continued Petronis.

Town Supervisor Fred Costello applauded Mr. Petronis for canceling the gun show. "This speaks volumes to the integrity of Mr. Petronis and demonstrates his solemn respect to the families of those who have lost loved ones to the recent gun violence here in NY and Texas." Mr. Petronis has been conducting gun shows here in Saugerties for many years and has always cooperated with the Town, providing safe and friendly events. Both Mr. Petronis and Supervisor Costello agreed that timing is everything, and the timing of a gun show at this particular time is not appropriate. Mr. Petronis stated that "Making Money isn’t everything and this is the responsible thing for us as a show promoter to do".

David Petronis, President NEACA,

Inc. 38 North Main Street, PO Box 385

Mechanicville, NY 12118 ~ NEACA.com