Several Police agencies are  investigating  Grand Larceny complaints that have occurred recently in Ulster County. The scammer in most cases placed a phone call to their victim, telling them that they are calling on behalf of a loved one or a close friend to the victim. The scammer proceeds to inform the victim that the friend/family member was involved in an accident or has been arrested. The scammer tells the victim that they were instructed to call  them in order to obtain money for either bail or in some cases, pretending to be an attorney, requesting a retainer fee to represent their family member or friend.  In a recent case in Saugerties, the scammer called a town resident, reporting to be an attorney representing the victim’s grandson, telling the victim he needed to pay $12,000 cash to have his grandson released from jail. The scammer then told the victim that he would send a courier to the victim’s residence to pick up the money.  The victim believing the caller was an attorney, went to his local bank and withdrew $12,000. Upon returning to his residence,  an unknown subject arrived, claiming to be the courier, collecting the cash.

We are urging that anyone experiencing a similar type of call or communication, to immediately notify their local police, State Police or Sheriff’s Office reporting the incident. Law enforcement authorities can then verify if the call was genuine or a scam.