Job Benefits / Wages

Employee Benefits

HOLIDAYS:  The following are recognized as official holidays;

           New Year’s Day, January 1

           Martin Luther King Day   

            President’s Day

            Memorial Day


            Independence Day, July 4

            Labor Day, First Monday in September

            Veterans Day, November 11

            Thanksgiving Day, Fourth Thursday in November

            Day after Thanksgiving Day

            Last half day prior to Christmas

            Christmas Day, December 25

            Last half day prior to New Year’s Day

            One eight hour floating holiday

Health insurance:  The City pays approximately 90% of the premium for employees and any dependents that are eligible to be covered on the plan and the employee pays 10%.  Premium charges per pay period vary depending on the type of plan that is chosen.  

Dental Insurance:  The City pays for employee and dependent coverage.

Life Insurance:  The City pays for coverage up to 50% of employee’s annual salary or $10,000, whichever is greater.

Employee Assistance Program:  The City provides a counseling program for full-time employees and their qualified dependents.

Vacation:  Annual leave is granted at the following rate:

            One through five years           * 168 hours/year           80 hours/year       

            Six through ten years              * 184 hours/year            96 hours/year

            Eleven through fifteen years   * 208 hours/year         120 hours/year

            Sixteen years plus                   * 248 hours/year         160 hours/year

                                                * Patrol Officers, Sergeants, Communication Technicians

Sick Leave:  Accumulated at the rate of eight (8) hours per month for full-time employee and 48 hours per year for part-time employees.

Retirement:  The City pays 5% and the employee pays 5% of the employee’s salary into a supplemental retirement plan, including Police.

Deferred Compensation:  Voluntary contributions may be made to a retirement plan prior to taxes being withheld.

Funeral Leave:  Twenty-four hours per year is granted in the event of a death in the family.  No accumulation.

For Police:

Police Retirement:  In lieu of Social Security, the employee contributes 8% of their wages to the ICMA Retirement Corporation and the City matches the 8%.

Other benefits are clothing allowance and payment for training.  



Patrol Officer pay range is 22.21 to 33.32 per hour / rotating shift work

Communications tech pay range is 18.80 to 28.18 per hour / rotating shift work