Verification of Reporting

Public information requests filed with the El Paso Police Department are often a simple request for report copies as proof of a complaint being filed with law enforcement. This can now be accomplished by completing a request for a Verification of Reporting below.

This feature is a collaborative effort between the El Paso Police Department and CRIMEWATCH to increase transparency and to better service the public. The El Paso Police Department will respond and provide the required information for fulfillment of the request.

This collaboration should enable a speedy response by the El Paso Police Department to process and reduce the number of denials for requests filed under the "Right to know" (RTK) / "Office of Open Records" (OOR) that ultimately provides the transparency desired under the intent of the law.

If you have questions, contact the El Paso Police Department RTK Officer.

Incident Details
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Incident Location

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Additional Info
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I understand that submitting a false report is punishable by law.