House Check

The House Check Notice form may be used Shippensburg Borough residents to report a vacant property due to vacation, death or other reason. The information provided on this form give the police department necessary information to permit us to contact the property owner in the event of an emergency.

I acknowledge that the Borough of Shippensburg and the Shippensburg Borough Police Department assumes no responsibility or liability for the property identified herein and that I further release and indemnify the Borough of Shippensburg, the Shippensburg Borough Police Department, its employees, or agents from any damages or liability for providing this service. Additionally, I understand that the Shippensburg Borough Police Department advises that the information collected on this form does not indicate, nor imply, that the Shippensburg Borough Police Department will provide any checks or inspections of the property during the duration of the vacancy. The information collected herein will be used solely for making emergency contact with a responsible party should a problem at this property be discovered or reported to the Shippensburg Borough Police Department.