2022 Police Towing Rotation Transaction Log

The Saugerties Police Department uses Certified Tow Services on a Rotational Basis, whenever a vehicle must be removed from any public roadway and the Operator of the vehicle either has no preference of their own, to tow their vehicle, or if the operator is incapacitated and is unable to make their own choice.   

The attached PDF contains the most up to date information relative to the Saugerties Police Tow Operators Rotational Transaction Log.  

For more Information pertaining to the Town of Saugerties Local Law regulating Towing – Rotational Towing List –  and how to participate on our Rotation List - Please refer to the Town of Saugerties E-Code https://ecode360.com/29339640

A copy of the Application for applying to take part in becoming eligible to participate in the Town of Saugerties Towing Rotation List can be found under the "Forms Tab" located on our home page https://crimewatch.net/us/ny/ulster/saugerties-pd

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