Increase In Scam Reports

The Cape May City Police Department has been receiving an increased amount of scam reports recently.  A majority of the scam reports filed are telephone scams and require the victim to provide the suspect with debit card or gift card information.  A valid company will never ask for payment in that manner.  If you have a suspicion that you are in this situation end the phone call and locate a valid telephone number for the company in question.  For credit cards a phone number can always be found on the back of your card.  Government financial institutions such as the IRS and Social Security will not call you by phone and ask for personal information / payment.  Other scams reported to the police department include:

- Atlantic City Electric Unpaid Bills

- Internal Revenue Service calling about unpaid taxes

- Government agencies requesting funds for active warrants

- Children / grandchildren being held hostage for money 

- Prize money requiring a deposit before being paid

- Depositing of a check from an unknown sender with the promise of being paid at a later date for your trouble

- Suspect calls and informs you that your computer has a virus

Once the victim sends the gift card information over the telephone it is near impossible to track and most of the time these stolen funds or information are wired to another state or out of the country.  Please visit for more information.  The Federal Trade Commission is the primary government agency that collects scam complaints and they can be reached at 1-877-382-4357