***STILL LOOKING FOR OWNER***Found Property - 24/VanDyke ***

On 6/7/21 at about noon, a concerned citizen brought a red photo album to the front desk at the station, stating they had just found it in the roadway, near the curb, on Northbound VanDyke at the exit drive from the Police Department.  The album holds a large number of family photos, some with inscriptions and labels.  We have held the album at the front desk hoping someone would come to claim it, but so far no one has.  We want to be able to return these cherished memories to the rightful owner, and know that the best way to do that is with your help.  If you are the owner, or know who might be, please call us at 586-731-2121 ext 345 or ext 311.

Some of the inscriptions include "To Evelyn and Bob, my wonderful God Parents, Lots of Love, Joanne" and pictures with the names "Louis Minne (O'Connor)", "Joanne Cass" and "Chuck".  

Thanks, Team!