Napoleon Military Banner Announcment



Napoleon PD - Video

As our community may have noticed, the first stage of our banner program has been placed for this Memorial Day celebration! The banners have been placed in the downtown area of Napoleon, mainly along the parade route. Please take a moment to admire the addition to our community and honor our veterans.  

If you have a relative you would like to honor during Veteran’s Day, please contact the police department. We need photographs and information about the branch of service awards. 

We are very much aware this is not all of the military folks from Napoleon, but these were the 12 we were able to identify and get all of the necessary information to meet the banner companies’ deadline in order to get the banners in time for Memorial Day. We certainly plan on adding to this program throughout the years

We are still accepting donations and sponsorships for our 1st Annual Military Banner Golf Outing! You can find that information linked below.

Friday, May 13, 2022 - 12:45pm