REMINDER of ORDINANCE: Parking During Snow Removal


AS A REMINDER... PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO REVIEW THE ORDINANCE LISTED BELOW! Please stay off the roads the next couple days as the storm approaches. The tow fees are not cheap this time of year and State, County, and Local Agencies will be busy during the storm. Thank you! Stay warm and safe the rest of the week! 

§ 288-1General restrictions.
I.    It is unlawful to park any vehicle or to allow any vehicle to remain parked on any public street in the City at any time when snow removal operations are taking place on such street. In addition, the City is authorized to remove or have    removed at the discretion of the Chief of Police, any vehicle which violates this section. If a vehicle is removed, the offender is liable to the City for any and all reasonable towing or hauling charges in addition to any fine or penalty.