Motor-Carrier Mayhem

Today the Hudson Police Department partnered with Colorado State Patrol to conduct a motor carrier inspection and port of entry weigh-in for the Town of Hudson. With five patrol officers from the Police Department and over 20 Colorado State Patrol officers from all over the state, in just three hours 17 citations were issued for numerous motor carrier violations and several trucks were taken out of service for various mechanical issues that inspectors deemed unsafe to be on the roadway. Two portable weigh stations were set up, one at CR 49 and I-76 WB and one at the Cherry Street Memorial Park, and a large perimeter was established to ensure no commercial vehicle was able to evade the scales and inspections. Multiple vehicles were cited for attempting to circumvent this collaborative effort. More operations will be planned for the future, if you have any concerns about motor carrier safety please submit a tip.

Final Numbers

Citations: 11 (Including 3 Seatbelt Violations)

Inspections: 37

Level 1: 14

Level 2: 12

Level 3: 11

Violations: 99

Out Of Service Conditions: 12

Vehicles: 8

Drivers: 4 (Including 1 Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Violation)