Citizens Academy



The Cortez Police Department puts on a 6 Week Citizens Academy, one 2.5-hour evening class each week per session.  Those attending will have the opportunity to meet, learn from and ask questions to the outstanding officers that serve you and this community.  In the class, you will learn about and shoot a Taser and other less-lethal options, participate in arrest control, evidence collection, report writing, DUI investigation, videos, dispatching, and other current events in the city.  Each night ends with a reality-based training (RBT) scenario where you get to put into practice what you have learned.  Nothing in the RBTs is required, harmful, or physically demanding; it is more about thought processes and decision-making.  Again, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about police work and your police department and have some fun doing it.

Some comments from the last class included:

"The classes were too short."

"The instructors were incredible"  " I feel more connected to the PD."

" The end of the evening activity was helpful in understanding what goes on."

"Classes were exceptionally engaging. I didn't want them to end."

As classes are offered, notifications will be posted here and on the Police Department's Facebook page.