Title Offendersort descending Type Docket No. Date Issued Holding Dept
Church, Robert Owen - BURGLARY 2-OF BUILDING (F4) and 4 additional charges Church, Robert Owen Criminal March 1, 2021 Golden Police Department
Savage, Christine Lee - CONTROLLED SUBST-POSS MORE THAN 4G SCH 1-2 OR FLUNI/KETA/GHB/CT (F4) and 3 additional charges Savage, Christine Lee Criminal January 13, 2021 Golden Police Department
Cox, Charles Edward - THEFT-$2000-$5000 (F6) and 6 additional charges Cox, Charles Edward Criminal September 10, 2020 Golden Police Department
Prenot, Stacy - MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT/AGG 2-$ 1000-$20000 (F6) and 3 additional charges Prenot, Stacy Criminal May 26, 2021 Golden Police Department
HILL, MARCUS THEO - CRIM POSS FINANCIAL DEVICE-2+ DEVICES (F6) and 4 additional charges HILL, MARCUS THEO Criminal June 10, 2021 Golden Police Department
JERO, KYLE LEE - FELONY MENACING-REAL/SIMULATED WEAPON F5 and 1 additional charge JERO, KYLE LEE Criminal August 6, 2021 Golden Police Department
BRANT, JAMES - DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE-W/ 3+PRIORS (F4) BRANT, JAMES November 16, 2021 Golden Police Department
Stroud, Jason - ASSAULT 2-CAUSE SBI-DURING FELONY(F3) and 3 additional charges Stroud, Jason December 6, 2021 Golden Police Department
Becker, Chaketha - DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE-W/ 3+PRIORS (F4) and 1 additional charge Becker, Chaketha March 8, 2022 Golden Police Department
GUSTAFSON, KALINA - ID THEFT-POSS W/ INTENT TO USE (F4) and 5 additional charges GUSTAFSON, KALINA Criminal June 28, 2022 Golden Police Department