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We’re happy to see you here and considering to join CRIMEWATCH…..but what is CRIMEWATCH?

CRIMEWATCH is a public engagement technology specifically designed for law enforcement. It’s a simple and efficient program that ‘operationalizes the web’ by making it easy for your department to share detailed information about day-to-day operations with your local community, directly. By sharing this information in a professional manner, with technology that gives you control of the data, is proven to build trust in the community and as the trust increases, the community will submit tips and intelligence that helps your department make clearances.

If you are using any other technology, or social media for public engagement and you can’t clearly tell what the operational value is, you need CRIMEWATCH.

The CRIMEWATCH program is your website, it is your social media presence, it is your mobile application, it is your crime mapping, it is your tip submission tool and more. CRIMEWATCH is your department’s virtual police presence that is designed to bring authority and professionalism to your online community.

In Pennsylvania, over 120 police departments, district attorneys, sheriffs and crime stoppers programs are already using CRIMEWATCH for their online operations. In 2016, 5,000,000 people visited CRIMEWATCH related sites, interacting with content on social media over 20,000,000 times and submitted nearly 5,000 actionable tips in PA. CRIMEWATCH is simply, the largest distributor of public safety news in PA and it is all power by the police departments.

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